Monday, June 30, 2008

Bragging Writes.

Sour Grapes and Grafwurks put together a graffiti battle that involved some of Dallas and Austin's most talented graffiti artist. The main purpose of the event was to strengthen our graffiti scene and it was a success. The walls turned out really nice, we had a good turn out and we had several sponsors to help out with the event. This will be the first of many. Thank you to everyone for all of their support.

Saber speaks the truth.

When you learn to be quite, listen and respect those who know what they are talking about, you may learn a thing or two. Saber speaks the truth and I agree with everything he says. Graffiti is in our hearts and we do this for the love, not as a phase or gimmick like a lot of supposed street artist. SUPPORT real artist with true passion, dedication, skill, and respect.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Alex Rubio

Last night Emily and I went to see Alex Rubio's new show at the Blue Star Contemporary Art Center in San Antonio, Texas. The show consisted of colorful vivid paintings and some large woodcut prints. I am a big fan of Alex Rubio not only because of his talent and achievements, but because he represents his people. Rubio is a very important contributor to the Chicano Art Movement and has been a working artist for many years. He is a living legend and a hero to the city of San Antonio and Rubio does what he can to give back to his people.
I got to meet Alex Rubio at his show and I was really excited to see how nice and down to earth he was. He even invited us to his studio after the show to hang out, have a drink and see some more of his work. If you have a chance, Google him and you will see how amazing his work is.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Diaz, welcome to the Sour Grapes Family

This weekend we inducted a new member into the Sour Grapes, Diaz. This guy has some serious talent and is very well driven. He has some incredible craftsmanship and great attention to detail. I myself greatly appreciate his work and am looking forward to working with him.

Sour Grapes @ 10Footwear

We organized a cool art show to accommodate the grand opening of 10 Footwear in the Bishop Arts District. The event was a success with a great turnout, music by Dj Killtronix, and appearance by rapper TUM TUM, live painting and good food. We sold a good amount of shirts and paintings. A lot of the people in attendance stuck around for the entire thing which lasted about 4 hours. Outside the shop was a fresh piece that we painted earlier that day. It was cool to see a lot of young graffiti artist at the show with their blackbooks and hanging out.

The Sour Grapes Shirts are here...

This new design was hand drawn and printed. The colors are really nice also. If you want one email us at

Chillin with the upper class.

The Fashion Industry Gallery (F.I.G) located across the street from the Dallas Museum of Art in downtown asked us to be part of their show. The show was meant to represent different areas of Dallas and we were chosen to represent the entire Oak Cliff/Bishop Art District. The curators heard about us through word of mouth and were extremely excited when we agreed to be part of this show. We got to show with other artist that we admire like Sergio Garcia, Frank Campagna, Soler, and Sekt. We got to rub elbows with some of Dallas richest people. A ticket to attend the art show and dinner was around $350 bucks. It was a great experience for us because it shows that we can go from painting in the streets to showing art in some Dallas nicest galleries.

Painting in the hood...

This wall is near the High School where most us graduated from. Go Scumset Bisons...

Tuesday, June 10, 2008