Friday, July 4, 2008

Sour Grapes Love the Kids

A few days ago, Sopa and Congo went out to paint a mural for the community. This one is located about a block west of the Illinois and Cockrell Hill intersection in Oak Cliff. We enjoy what we do, but people usually have an uncertain feel about us and what we are about. It's not until they see the mural in progress that the people get excited that there is something new and fresh being painted in their neighborhood. This mural is meant to give a cool positive message because our hood is full of violence and negativity. There is a small snow-cone shop near the mural, so we are sure that a lot of young kids and families will be seeing this. While we were painting this mural we were commissioned to paint some more murals in other locations, so look out for some more work. This year has been very productive for us and there is no sign of us slowing down anytime soon.