Monday, March 31, 2008

The 7th Letter Crew working the system.

Street art is becoming a more popular movement every day and tons of people are working at becoming a part of this subculture. Major corporations have noticed the growth of this movement and many already working hard to cash in and water down this art form. Some of the most popular artist at the forefront of this movement is the 7th Letter Crew. This group is made up of several talented artist, most of them being graffiti artist. They have done work for several major corporations such as Coke and Boost Mobile and they have been in numerous magazines, websites and videos. The thing that I love about these artists is that they have maintained that graffiti attitude of not selling out and staying true to their culture. They gladly take corporate jobs and corporate money, but these artists make the rules and not these rich companies. One interesting thing is that they given billboards to design and then they will go out at night and takeover the billboards of those same companies and other corporations. The 7th Letter Crew is definitely turning the tables by working the system and making it work for them.

Photo by G@BR!3L