Monday, March 31, 2008

When does ART go too far.

I just read this article on about the Paris artist Adel Abdessemed, who had his show shut down at The Art Institute of San Francisco. He was showing some videos of some animals being beat to death with a sledgehammer. Several animal activist groups protested the show and responded with a series of death threats to the artist and SFAI. Abdessemed defended his work by simply stating that he was only showing the world and event that was happening everyday. The killing of these animals occurred in a rural town in Mexico and was part of a slaughterhouse meat production.
I honestly don’t know where I stand in this case about art going too far and crossing a moral line. I do feel sorrow to see animals being killed, but I never really think about it when I eat meat. It’s just the way that we as Americans have been conditioned. The slaughtering of animals for meat productions is something that is not put out into the public eye because it something that we don't want to see.
San Francisco Art Institute official summed up the show as being part of a social critique. The work basically showed the difference in food production from U.S. industrialized companies to those of smaller poorer countries.